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Law School’s Bar Pass Rate Outpaces Statewide Average

(Boston, 11/5/10)  New England Law | Boston:  The most recent Massachusetts bar examination has once again confirmed the outstanding quality of New England Law | Boston’s learning environment.  New England Law’s first-time takers achieved a 93.6 percent pass rate, which noticeably outpaced the statewide average.

Professor Curtis NyquistProfessor Curtis Nyquist.  A devotion to teaching is a hallmark of New England Law | Boston faculty.

“There are several factors that we can attribute this to,” stated Dean John F. O’Brien.  “We have long been convinced that our faculty offers the best teaching and guidance available in American legal education.  In addition, in recent years we’ve developed a number of strategies, including a very comprehensive bar preparation program, to enhance students’ skills.  We have strongly positioned our students for success in all areas, including the all-important bar exam.”

The bar examination evaluates a student’s ability to analyze and synthesize problems, apply correct legal standards, and write essays proposing appropriate outcomes.  All of the course material and knowledge gained during law school may be tapped as part of the comprehensive assessment.

Student in class.Students are prepared to pass the bar and then to pursue their career goals.

“The education that our students receive–both in the classroom and in our many local clinics and externships abroad–prepares them not only for bar passage but for the career goals that they hope to pursue,” said Dean O'Brien.

New England Law | Boston was founded in 1908 as Portia Law School, the nation’s first law school exclusively for women.  It became coeducational in 1938, changed its name to New England School of Law in 1969, and adopted its current name in honor of its 2008 Centennial.

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