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Franchezka Reichard 17 interned with the law firm Rivera-Bujosa Law.

Through our unique Summer Fellowship Program, students gain tangible experience by working for 10 weeks at law firms and legal organizations in exchange for experience, connections, a developing sense of professional identity, and a $3,500 stipend.

Program Eligibility

Full-time students who have finished their first year and part-time students who have finished their first or second year are eligible to apply.

Placement Locations

In our Summer Fellowship Program, students can work anywhere in the world. Past participants have held fellowships in the attorney general and public defender offices in Massachusetts, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Rhode Island, and Washington State, while others have worked for private firms, NGOs, or corporations from Texas to Portugal.

Finding a Summer Fellowship Program Position

To find placements for the Summer Fellowship Program, our three academic centers and the Career Services Office contact practicing attorneys and organizations. In addition, many students arrange their own positions to fit their particular legal interests or to explore a practice in another state or country.