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States Requiring Early Law Student Registration

The following states require that law students register for the bar exam as early as the first semester of their first year of law school. Students who miss the early registration deadlines in these states may end up paying expensive late registration fees.

State or Jurisdiction        Law Student Registration Fee                       
Alabama $50
California $102
Florida $200 - $400
Illinois $100
Iowa $25
Louisiana $25 (Plus NCBE report fee)
Mississippi $100 - $300
Missouri $200 (Application fee for Character and Fitness Report due as soon as law school begins. Fees increase the longer the applicant waits to file.)
North Dakota $150 (Includes NCBE report fee)
Ohio $75 (Plus NCBE report fee)
Oklahoma $125  (Plus NCBE report fee)
South Dakota $50 (Plus other fees)
Texas $190 (Plus other fees)