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Sexual Violence in the Military: Discipline, Justice, and Command in the U.S. Military

New England Law Review Fall 2015 Symposium

October 8, 2015

New England Law | Boston, Cherry Room
154 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116

Fall Symposium Flyer

The New England Law Review’s fall symposium keynote speaker, Professor Rachel VanLandingham, Southwestern Law School, discussed her article "Discipline, Justice, and Command in the U.S. Military: Maximizing Strengths and Minimizing Weaknesses in a Special Society." She discussed why military commanders should be removed from the prosecutorial chain, as this position constitutes an unethical practice of law, and further discussed the collateral consequences of such a removal. She also considered how problems associated with prosecutorial discretion can be potentially magnified in the military, the unique aspects of commander-owned prosecutorial discretion, and the insufficient checks and balances currently in place.

The symposium also featured panelists Victor Hansen, Associate Dean and Professor of Law, New England Law | Boston; James E. Gallagher, Adjunct Professor, Suffolk University Law School; and Elizabeth Hillman, Provost & Academic Dean, UC Hastings College of Law.

Please vist the Law Review's On Remand website for additional information.