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Staring Down the Barrel of the Mind: Gun Control and Mental Health

Fall 2013 Symposium

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Fall 2013 Symposium Poster

The multiple tragedies in the recent past have renewed the national conversation about the relationship between mental health and gun violence. As part of this dialogue, the New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement presented Volume 40's annual Symposium, "Staring Down the Barrel of the Mind: Gun Control and Mental Health.” 

The morning panel featured an exploration of current legislation and gun violence prevention techniques, and a screening of a mini-documentary about technological changes on the horizon that will influence the debate on gun control. Afternoon panelists  discussed how mental health concerns affect gun control issues, focusing on the perspectives of law enforcement, legal practitioners, and mental health professionals.

Panel I, Current and Novel Issues

Moderated by Professor Tigran Eldred


Keynote address

Panel II, Effects of Mental Health

Moderated by Professor Louis Schulze

For additional information please contact Editor-in-Chief Kelsey Baran '14 or Business Managing Editor Serge Subach '14.