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Profile of the Entering Class, 2012

Number Enrolled: 450 Number of colleges and universities represented: 239
Number of states represented: 40 Number of countries represented: 11
Student/Faculty Ratio: 23:1 Men/Women: 43%/57%
Average Age: 25 Age Range: 20-60
Students of color: 32% Out-of-state percentage 67%
LSAT: Median 149, 75th/25th percentile 153/145 UGPA: Median 3.06, 75th/25th percentile 3.40/2.74
Full-time day division: 3 years Part-time day division: 4 years
Part-time evening division: 4 years Special part-time program*: up to 6 years

*For parents with primary or sole child-rearing responsibilities.

Bar Passage

July 2013 Massachusetts Bar Passage (for first-time takers):


Employment Statistics