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Student Bar Association

SBA Executive Offices and Committees

Historically at New England Law | Boston, student appointment and active participation in executive offices and committees has comprised a large part of the student leadership roles. As a New England Law student, appointment into such offices can be one of the most fulfilling experiences and an opportune way to become involved in student governance. These positions are vital to the successful operation of the Student Bar Association.

To apply for appointment, you must submit a letter of intent. The SBA president will make all final appointment decisions. The president will then forward remaining applications to those chairpersons for membership selection. There are some positions which were not filled last spring in the initial application process. Those available positions are listed below. Your letter of intent should include:

Section and Year:
Local Mailing Address:
Phone Number (home and mobile):

The body of your letter should be no longer than one page. It should identify the position you are applying for, a brief overview of your qualifications, your reasons for wanting the position and any other information you feel may be relevant or would like the SBA to take into consideration.

The following are the student Executive Offices and Committees:

Athletic Committee:

Organizes athletic events between and among New England Law students and faculty and organizes New England Law participation in various other athletic events within the law school community.


Executive Budget and Appropriations Committee:

Four-person committee appointed by the treasurer. Responsible for approving appropriations for SBA organizations for the fiscal year. Regularly convenes with the SBA Executive Board throughout the year to vote upon budgetary allowances and additional funding made by motion by the SBA organizations. Main body that decides how SBA funds are appropriated. Applicants for this committee may apply in the spring, but members will not be selected until the following fall.


SBA-John Velasco-Budget


Executive Office of Communications:

The executive officer and its commission is the central hub of communications between the administration, faculty, the SBA, students, and SBA organizations. Responsible for drafting press sheets, maintaining SBA web portal, maintaining student body e-mailings, dealing with public relations affairs surrounding the SBA, and all other communications issues. Duties also include regular meetings with all the executive office and committee chairs in order to debrief the president and update the SBA at large on their activities and affairs.

 SBA-Raquel Muscioni-Comm


Executive Office of Media & Technology:

Creates a bridge between students and the New England Law | Boston Web Development team.  Regularly updates official student organization and SBA web pages. The committee also coordinates and meets the Student Groups' needs for events requiring Audio and Visual support.

 SBA-Marvin Barnett-Tech


Executive Office of Public Service:

Works with the outside community to promote public service and social and political awareness within the New England Law student body. Responsibilities include coordinating student participation in the public service area to address current legal and political issues facing the Boston community. Responsible for coordinating fundraising efforts for worthy causes.

 SBA-Carrion-Trujillo-Public Service


Executive Office of Social Affairs:

Responsible for organizing social events for New England Law to bring together and coalesce the divisions and years, as well as increase inter-law school social activities to ensure strong personal and professional networks within the law community for New England Law students.

 SBA-Katharine Hawes-Social Affairs


SBA Executive Elections Committee:

Oversees all SBA-related elections. Duties include, but are not limited to, organizing elections, organizing candidates’ forum, organizing forum debates, and developing rules and procedures for voting (time, place, and manner).

Chairperson:     Vacant.

Please contact for information.


Executive Committee of Strategic Planning:

The Executive Committee for Strategic Planning works directly and collaboratively with the law school community and the surrounding community of Boston to identify and assess areas of concern related to student services at New England Law | Boston in order to improve, enhance, and sustain the overall law school experience offered to the current and future student body. Some examples of projects include collaboration with local gyms and academic institutions to offer discounted gym programs to New England Law students, enhancement of the international law student experience by improving upon the quality and accessibility of relevant international student information at the law school, and collaboration with the Boston Center for Adult Education to offer a student discount to New England Law students.



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