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Resources for Law School Students

New England Law offers a host of law resources for students to help them excel in law school. Academic and career support programs prepare students in law school to succeed, pass the bar, and make their mark in scholarship and professional practice throughout the country and around the globe.

Through clinical programs, internships, externships, clerkships, and other experiential learning opportunities, law school students fully explore their options and begin shaping their careers while still in school. New England Law is one of the few schools in the nation where students can take up to four clinics before graduation—starting as early as the first semester of the sophomore year. More than 60 percent of our students take advantage of clinical opportunities.
Our law student resources include an online Pathways program, which greatly enhances students’ ability to identify the skills and expertise needed to be practice ready.  Students can develop a relationship with New England Law graduates who share common backgrounds, interests, geography, or practice areas through the law school’s Bridge to Success Mentor program.
The Office of Student Services strives to ensure your smooth navigation as a member of our community.

Other Law School Resources