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All classes cancelled Wednesday, law school closed
All New England Law | Boston classes scheduled for Wednesday are cancelled. The Stuart Street building and library are closed. The law school will resume its regular schedule Thursday. Please allow ample time for travel and consider taking public transportation if possible. On-street and garage parking are extremely limited. Please use your best judgment in deciding your commuting plans and travel safely. more >

Reciprocity Information

Please read this before submitting the reciprocity form.

The Career Services Office (CSO) of New England Law | Boston will gladly request reciprocity with another law school's career services office for students and alumni, subject to the following:

  1. The CSO will only execute one request per student/alumni at any given time.
  2. Each reciprocity request which is granted by another law school's career services office shall last for three months. Reciprocity requests at other law schools on behalf of the student/alumni will not be made during this three-month period.
  3. The CSO will only execute requests during the months of November to August. The CSO is prohibited from requesting or granting reciprocity with any other law school, except Consortium on Innovative Legal Education (CILE) schools (see below), during this time as per the National Association of Law Placement.
  4. The CSO cannot and will not guarantee the granting of reciprocity requests at other law school career services offices, as it is solely within the discretion of the requested law school's career services office to do so.
  5. The definition and policy of the reciprocal services offered by the host law school's career services office remains wholly and solely within the host school's discretion.
  6. The CSO is prohibited from requesting reciprocity with any other law school in the Boston area.

Please note: Due to the busy nature of the fall recruitment season, no reciprocity arrangements can be scheduled between Aug.1 and Nov. 1. 

Consortium for Innovative Legal Education Reciprocity Policy

Year-round reciprocity may be extended with and among the following CILE member schools:

An alumnus or student who is a degree candidate at a Consortium law school (the "home school") may be extended placement assistance and have reasonable access to career resources at another Consortium law school (the "host school"), provided at that time of the alumnus/student's request, the alumnus/student initially contacts the director of the host school's career services office. The alumnus/student must also present a student ID or other proof that he or she attends or attended one of the Consortium schools upon entering the host school's career services office.

A limit on the number of students and/or alumni who receive reciprocity will be determined by the host school.

Any student/alumnus who uses this service will be treated as a student/alumnus of the host school with regard to all career services counseling services and resources. The CSO of the host school may deny further services to any individual who misuses the facilities or services.

Learn more about the Consortium for Innovative Legal Education.[Back]

New England Law Reciprocity Policy

The New England Law Career Services Office will gladly offer career services to students/graduates of other law schools on a reciprocal basis, subject to the following:

  1. Students/graduates will be seen on a one-to-one exchange basis with each law school. However, services will be offered to a maximum of two students/graduates from any one law school per academic year, with any additional students/graduates seen at the discretion of the director.
  2. A counseling appointment may be scheduled with the director after a letter or e-mail requesting this service is received from the student's/graduate's law school placement office. It is helpful to attach a copy of the student's/graduate's resume. (Due to the busy nature of the fall recruitment season, no reciprocity arrangements can be scheduled between August 1 and November 1.)
  3. Career services include one counseling appointment and use of the CSO to access job listings and all materials in the Career Resource Library. (Participation in on-campus interviews and confidential or collection-only job listings are not included in services available on a reciprocal basis.)
  4. All reciprocal career services will be made available to students/graduates for a period of three months from the date of the initial counseling appointment.
  5. We will not see students/graduates already taking advantage of reciprocal career services at any other Massachusetts-area law school(s). [Back]