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Independent Legal Research

This form should be completed by students requesting approval for Independent Legal Study.  The request must contain an outline of the proposed study, stipulating the amount of time allotted for research, writing, and the tutorial with the faculty supervisor for the project.  Refer to the current course registration information for more detailed information on proposal registration and credit criteria.

All proposals must be approved by Professor Davalene Cooper, coordinator for independent legal research, prior to registration.

Students should e-mail the coordinator their bibliography and proposed outline of questions or issues to be addressed. Both must be received, along with this form, before the project can be approved.

Last Name:
NESL E-Mail:
Home Phone:
Office Phone/ Ext.:


Narrative Description of Proposed Study:

Break down of approximate minimum hours to be spent on research, writing, and tutorial:

Proposed Schedule Dates: (1st draft, 2nd draft ... Final draft, etc.)

Number of credits presented for consideration:    

*Do not submit this form until the named faculty member has agreed to supervise the project.

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