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Day, evening classes cancelled, buildings closed
Due to the snow storm, all day and evening classes are cancelled today, Monday, Feb. 8. The Stuart Street building, library, and all administrative offices are closed.
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Summer Affidavit

I understand that, as a New England Law | Boston student, I may not use credit earned during the summer to decrease my tuition obligation to New England Law | Boston during any regular semester. If I wish to use summer credit to accelerate my date of graduation, I may do so only with written permission from the dean, which must be requested through the director of student services, and payment of a tuition equalization charge. The tuition equalization charge will be equal to the difference between the amount of regular academic year tuition that I am expected to pay by the accelerated date of graduation and the amount of regular academic year tuition that I would have been expected to pay if I had graduated when originally contemplated. This charge (which excludes summer school tuition) adjusts my tuition to reflect my overall tuition obligation to New England Law | Boston for the J.D. program. If I am a Special Part-time student and enroll in a summer course, I must consult the Office of the Controller to determine the tuition equalization charge.

(Based on Rule A.6 of the Student Handbook: Rules and Regulations)

I confirm I have read and understood the terms of the Summer Affidavit.