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Transfer Packet Request Forms

If you transfer to another law school, you are required to notify the Director of Student Services using the online Voluntary Withdrawal Form on the Office of the Registrar’s Forms webpage, before the beginning of the semester. You will be assessed all tuition charges and fees for the semester should you fail to notify the Director of Student Services.

Basic Information
Transfer Packet Information

Spring grades will not appear on transcripts until mid-to-late June. Indicate below if you would like your packet to include official transcripts with or “without final grades.” Please note “without final grades” also means no GPA or Rank.

Please include the following in my transfer packet:

  • Letter of Good Standing
  • LSAT Report (Front-page only)
  • Official New England Law Transcript


Number of Packets requested

Special Instructions:

Reason for Potential Transferring Out:

Mailing Address Information

Please list mailing address, or if you are picking the packet up :

Have you signed the Summer Fellowship Letter of Agreement?
Please note that students who have signed the Summer Fellowship Agreement cannot be given a letter of good standing, and we cannot fill out any form which is the functional equivalent of such a letter.

Clickwrap notice: the "Submit Form" button below is equivalent to a valid written signature.