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Withdrawal Form

Please contact the Director of Student Services regarding any questions regarding the withdrawal process at 617-422-7401 or via email at

Contact Information
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Mailing Address Information

The Office of Financial Aid will mail you an exit packet to comply with federal regulations. If you are transferring to another school, please provide your new mailing address.

Student Status Information
Student Withdrawal Request Information

Withdrawal Process and Settlement of Accounts of Financial Obligations

Student Must Read the Student Handbook Before Clicking the Submit Button

Students who wish to withdraw are advised to read the Withdrawal Process (Rule A.5) and the Settlement of Accounts of Financial Obligations sections in the Student Handbook and reviewing the Voluntary Withdrawal webpage prior to hitting the Submit Button to request a withdrawal from the Director of Student Services.

Federal Title IV Funds (Federal Stafford & Perkins Loans)

Students who are receiving Federal Title IV funds (Federal Stafford and Perkins Loans) are subject to a federally mandated refund policy. A Title IV aid recipient wishing to withdraw should consult with the Director of Financial Aid to determine the impact this will have on his or her financial aid package. Examples utilizing the federal refund policy are available from the Director of Financial Aid.

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