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Day, evening classes cancelled, buildings closed
Due to the snow storm, all day and evening classes are cancelled today, Monday, Feb. 8. The Stuart Street building, library, and all administrative offices are closed.

Student Bar Association

Executive Board:

 SBA E Board Group Photo

John D. Velasco, Natasha T. Lewis, Casey C. Hoskins, Deanna Duffy, Meredith Westbrook

President: Casey Hoskins '16

Vice President-Day: Natasha T. Lewis '16

Vice President-Evening: Deanna Duffy '16

Treasurer: John D. Velasco '17

Secretary of Communications: Vacant

Chief Justice: Meredith Westbrook '17


4LE Representatives:

 SBA 4L Evening Group Photo

Gregory (Greg) Stewart, Amanda MacGee

Gregory (Greg) Stewart '16

Amanda MacGee '16


3LD Representatives:

 SBA 3L Day group photo

Naoufal Bouamar, Collette Vassallo, Toni Visone, Chris Riley


Naoufal Bouamar '16

Collette Vassallo '16

Toni Visone '15

Christopher (Chris) Riley '16


3LE Representatives:

 SBA 3L Evening group photo

Michael Fulton, Kate Gianiotis


Michael Fulton '17

Kate Gianiotis '17


2LD Representatives: 

 SBA 2L Day group photoAndre Gallardo, Kelsey Ruzzi, Katharine Hawes, Richard Shiller


Andre Gallardo '17

Kelsey Ruzzi '17

Katharine Hawes '17

Richard Shiller '17


1LD Representatives:

SBA-1L group photoLaura Rodriguez, Alberto (Al) Anzola, Thomas Anderson, Daniel Lampke


Laura Rodriguez '18

Alberto (Al) Anzola '18

Thomas Anderson '18

Daniel Lampke '18