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Alternative Dispute Resolution Organization

Members of the ADR at the St. Jude Children's Reserch Hospital Fundraiser
             Members of the ADR at the St. Jude Children's Reserch Hospital Fundraiser

Who We Are

The New England Law | Boston Alternative Dispute Resolution Organization is a student organization committed to advancing opportunities for students to learn alternative dispute resolution skills such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration skills though student competitions and greater interaction with the practicing bar.  The organization is dedicated to promoting ADR awareness and providing training and career opportunities to young lawyers.  The organization endeavors to provide New England Law students who are interested in careers in ADR with contacts, resources, and career opportunities, and to help students planning careers in litigation or transactional law more fully understand the role that alternative dispute resolution will play in their field of practice.

Board Members 2015-2016

President: Ben Anderson '16

Vice President & Evening Liasion: Brendan Sharkey '17

Secretary: Mimi Theordore '16

Treasurer & Director of Communications: Vinieta Lawrence '16

Our Work

February 25, 2010

Guest speaker Joshua Jacks visited New England Law | Boston to speak to students about mediation and arbitration.  Joshua Jacks has been a mediator since 1981 and has mediated for and administered mediation programs around Boston since that time, including the Cambridge Dispute Settlement Center, the Childrens Hearings Project, Tri-CAP Homelessness Prevention program, and Medicare Beneficiary–Provider Quality of Care mediation program. He is currently director of Metropolitan Mediation Services, a Greater Boston community mediation program. He has also trained extensively and has taught for the UMass Boston's Graduate Program in Dispute Resolution since 1986. He was also member of the Cambridge Rent Control Board for many years. Mr. Jack's workshop included a talk on the distinctions between mediation and arbitration.

February 19, 2010

New England Law | Boston's ADR raised $1,200 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital during a fundraiser held at Greatest Bar in Boston's North End. 

Get Involved

If you would like to learn more about the Alternative Dispute Resolution Organization, please:

  • Sign up for ADR on TWEN
  • Attend an ADR meeting or event
  • Email one of our Board Members.