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Asian Pacific American Law Student Association

Who We Are:

The Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA) is committed to promoting diversity and fostering an academic, social and professional growth of its members at New England Law | Boston.  We believe in diversity not only amongst Asian Pacific American Students, but all students from all ethnic backgrounds.  We hold social events at the school as well as support the social events of the community.  We provide lots of opportunities to network with professionals in the field, and provide academic support for all students.

The Organization:

APALSA is a nationwide organization at the Student Division, Faculty Division, and Lawyers Division.  Most of the 196 ABA-accredited law schools hold their own APALSA chapters, which are all connected to The National Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (NAPALSA).  As for the Lawyers Division, The National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) represents over 40,000 attorneys.  The New England Law | Boston chapter also works with the Boston Lawyers Group. 

Executive Board 2013-2014:

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Assumptions Demystified:

I’m not Asian, I can’t join

Wrong.  anyone can join and everyone is welcomed.  Whether you majored in Asian studies as an undergraduate, aspire to work in Asian policies in the future, or just have a yin for Asian cuisine, we welcome you.

I don’t have time

We understand everyone’s time is precious and we are all busy.  However, a big part of law school is learning how to manage multiple things at the same time.  Law school student organizations are just as valuable though require less time commitment than typical undergraduate student organizations.

Why Join APALSA? 

Join APALSA to relax, make friends outside of the classroom, network with other students, and make connections in the community.