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Environmental Law Society

Environmental Law Society (ELS)

Who We Are

The Environmental Law Society promotes discussion and awareness of environmental legal issues in the areas of public and private environmental law, and of environmental issues, and provides opportunities for alliance building among current students and alumni. The Environmental Law Society consists of students who are advocates for the environment, regardless of a future intent to practice environmental law. We want to stimulate awareness of current local and global environmental issues to the New England Law | Boston student body. 

Our mission is to promote discussion and awareness of environmental legal issues in the areas of public and private environmental law, to promote discussion and awareness of environmental issues that our society faces, and to provide opportunities for alliance building among current and past students of New England Law | Boston.

ELS Executive Board 2016 – 2017

*Please email the current President for consideration for this position. This E-Board Position does not require the Student applying to be an Evening Student but Evening Students are preferred.

What Does the Environmental Law Society Do?

Some future events will include:

  • Movie Night (Learn about important issues facing the world’s environmental community).
  • Environmental Law Career Panel
  • General Member Meetings
  • Open Forum to Discuss issues
  • Trivia Tabling (Join us in the Lobby, Answer the right questions to win prizes)
  • Go Green Event (Join us and other Student Organizations at this important ELS Event)  

Some of our past events include:

  • Discussion Series: Must EPA Regulate CO2?
  • Community Action and Environmental Law: The Battle over Brockton Power
  • Offshore Wind Energy in Massachusetts and Beyond

In order to foster discussion and awareness of current environmental issues plaguing our society, ELS hosts movie nights, where students and faculty have an opportunity to learn about an environmental concern, share their opinions about the issue, and brainstorm solutions for the future.  ELS hosts an annual career panel, where local environmental and energy attorneys from both public and private sectors discuss their experiences practicing law and give helpful advice to the students. 

Throughout the school year, ELS is dedicated to raising money for its student grant program, which gives a stipend to a dedicated student who has secured an environmental/energy internship over the summer and would otherwise go unpaid. 

Fundraising includes bake sales, a vegetarian potluck lunch for students and faculty, and the "Go-Green Party," our mid-spring semester bash, co-hosted with the Animal Law Society.  ELS hopes to get more involved with in the Boston community by engaging in local clean-ups around the city and by networking with the Environmental Law Societies from local law schools.

Environmental Law Society Newsletter

Every semester, ELS issues an online newsletter to shed light on important environmental issues and discuss upcoming and past events. The Newsletter will begin its next issues in the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters.

How Can I Be a Part of the Environmental Law Society?

  • The best thing to do is e-mail the current ELS president!
  • Next, join the Environmental Law Society page on TWEN.
  • Then, come to a general meeting.
  • Followed by, checking out the New England Law | Boston Environmental Law Society Facebook page.