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International Law Society

What is ILS All About?

The International Law Society (ILS) is a nonprofit association of students and young lawyers dedicated to the study and promotion of international law. ILS's mission is to promote awareness, study, and understanding of international law and related issues. Generally, legal education in the U.S. and elsewhere focuses upon domestic or local law. ILS is dedicated to supplementing this traditional approach with opportunities for study, research, and career networking that concentrates on international and transnational law.

By combining the resources of our law-school chapters worldwide, ILS seeks to make available to our members resources that each individual school may not be able to provide. ILS seeks to encourage communication and cooperation among law students and other interested individuals internationally; increase opportunities to learn about other cultures and legal systems worldwide; and publicize career opportunities in international law.

Executive Board 2014-2015

Past Events

The Rule of Law, Guns, and Gadgets: Development in a Hostile World
April 2011

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Lawyer and entrepreneur Vilas Dhar described the modern context of private international law and shared his experiences promoting the development of socially conscious technologies and their implementation in the emerging world.

Dhar has experienced the challenges faced by legal practitioners, engineers, and business owners bringing critical products and processes to troubled regions.   He has been involved in counseling, financing, and directing companies creating development-focused technologies such as alternative power, solar water purification devices, and microinsurance structures in Africa, the Caribbean, and South Asia.

Dhar is a partner and co-founder at Dhar Law, LLP (, a Boston based law firm with a strong commitment to community lawyering. z

2011 Symposium:  Diverse Voices / Different Strategies: Implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People

Symposium Program

Panelists considered the implications of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), which was endorsed by the United States in December.  UNDRIP recognizes both the collective and individual rights of Indigenous Peoples to fully enjoy basic human rights, which include Indigenous cultural rights, the right to education, health, employment, and language.

The symposium featured panelists from New England Law | Boston, the Center for International Environmental Law, Cultural Survival, DePaul University, the Indian Law Resource Center, and Project Word.

Cosponsored by the New England Journal of International and Comparative Law and the International Law Society.

2010 Conference:  Reviewing the UN Human Rights Council: Looking back and moving forward

UN flags.
The conference featured a diverse range of international experts.

Center for International Law and Policy 2010 Annual Conference

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How can I be a part of ILS?

Contact any of the Executive Board above or join the ILS TWEN page to stay current on all things ILS!

For even more information, visit International Law Students Association at Comprised of law students and lawyers around the world, the International Law Students Association (ILSA) serves as an umbrella organization for its individual members and chapters at universities worldwide. ILSA has chapters at nearly 100 universities and colleges throughout the world and, through its various activities, touches students at over 500 law schools in over 100 countries.