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Latin American Law Students Association

LALSA is committed to the professional development of Latin American students at New England Law | Boston.  Our mission is to cultivate professional and social competence through academic support, networking opportunities, community outreach, and career counseling activities. We encourage each student’s growth and advancement as dynamic leaders and attorneys by supporting opportunities for Latin American law students to establish relationships within the legal community. In the interest of fostering better community integration and relations as well as preservation of unique traditions, we seek to develop and provide a network for the Latino community as well as for others interested.

Purpose of Organization:

  • The purpose of this organization is to help foster the academic, social, and professional growth of its members by increasing awareness and understanding of contemporary Latin American issues, both legal and non-legal.
  • The organization is dedicated to advocating Latin American leadership in all areas of law by encouraging the sharing, networking, and cooperation between all ethnic groups.
  • This organization shall adhere to the philosophy that diversity will always enlarge our understanding of the different values that need to be understood as we enter the global economy; that unity should be embraced so that we may assist the less fortunate members of our Latin American community; and that leadership will take on many forms, and ultimately is a very individualistic decision based on no arbitrary set definition.
  • This organization shall strive to promote professional and ethical conduct of our members and shall strive at all times to strengthen our own personal values despite what we may see or encounter.

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