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Public Interest Law Association

Who are we?

The Public Interest Law Association is New England Law | Boston's primary Public Interest student organization. PILA strives to raise awareness of the needs, issues, and employment opportunities within the public interest arena of law and promote public interest law within the New England Law community. We also provide an outlet for students, no matter what their interest level, to request speakers and information about public interest law.

What is Public Interest Law?

Public interest law is one of the larger sectors in the legal field. It Includes federal and state administrative and regulatory agencies, advocacy groups, legal aid agencies, lobbyist groups, prosecution agencies, and public defenders, just to name a few. Almost any area of the law has a public interest element to it.

What do we do?

PILA's main event is an auction in the spring, where donated items are bid upon and monies raised are then used to fund our highly successful grant program. Additionally we have traditionally held a speaker panel, inviting practicing attorneys from the public interest facet of law to speak to students and provide valuable contacts. During the 2009-2010 school year we hosted several small meetings to bring a more personal information exchange to New England Law's students. We will be selecting speakers based on your direct input and requests! So please contact us with any suggestions or ideas!

When do we meet?

During school year we hope to schedule PILA meetings often to facilitate more sharing about opportunities and interests. If you have a topic for a meeting, drop us an e-mail. If you think something needs to be discussed, let us know. Our purpose is to raise awareness so invite your friends to join us, there is no commitment required. This organization is about helping each other explore our interest in serving others and using our legal expertise to accomplish this.

Why Join?

Get involved in the New England Law | Boston community! There are no dues!  Membership is by participation. You can become a member simply by signing up for our TWEN site or joining us for a meeting or two. Your participation is what will make PILA a great way to enhance your experience at New England Law. We do ask that those who sign up for a committee take their participation seriously. However, the purpose of committees is to reduce the pressure and split up the work, so we can all give what we feel comfortable with and which allows us all to graduate!

PILA Executive Board 2013-2014