The Role of Jurisdiction in the Quest for Sovereignty


Keynote Address: A Constitutional Confession: The Permanent if Malleable Status of Indigenous Nations
David E. Wilkins

Reflections on a Flawed System
Henry Sockbeson

Tribal Status Decision Making: A Federal Perspective on Acknowledgement
Barbara N. Coen

Reflections on the Last Quarter Century of Tribal Recognition
Jack Campisi, Ph.D.

Current Trends in Tribal Economic Development
Robert L. Gips

Securing Economic Sovereignty Through Agreement
Lorie Graham

The Role of the National Indian Gaming Commission in the Regulation of Tribal Gaming
Sandra J. Ashton

Municipal and State Impact on Gaming
Kevin Ryan

Economic Self-Determination: Federal Policies Promoting Development of Reservation Economies
John Tahsuda

Tribes and Tribal Governments
James Sappier

Turf Struggles: Land, Sovereignty, and Sovereign Immunity
Catherine T. Struve

The Landowner Defendants in Indian Gaming Claims: Hostages to History
Gus P. Coldebella & Mark S. Puzella

Morality and Justice 200 Years After the Fact
Arlinda Locklear

Acquiring Land Into Trust for Indian Tribes
Larry E. Scrivner

In the Absence of Title: Responding to Federal Ownership in Sacred Sites Cases
Kristen A. Carpenter

Sovereignty, Jurisdiction, and Environmental Primacy on Tribal Lands
Douglas Luckerman

Canons of Conquest: The Supreme Court's Attack on Tribal Sovereignty
Joseph William Singer

Tough Love for Tribes: Rethinking Sovereignty After Atkins and Hicks
L. Scott Gould

We Stand United Before the Court: The Tribal Supreme Court Project
Tracy Labin

The "Miner's Canary:" A Birds Eye View of American Indian Law and Its Future
Steven Paul McSloy


Karuk Tribe of California v. United States: The Courts Need a History Lesson
Amy C. Brann


Palazzolo's One-Two Punch and the Wetlands Takings Doctrine: Are Massachusetts Wetlands at Risk?
David M. Bae

Baby Teeth: An Argument in Defense of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation
Laura C. Bickel