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The Academic Excellence Program is open to all students, and most participate in and benefit from its courses. Mock exams, individualized academic counseling, and classes co-taught with doctrinal (core course) professors are among the program’s special features. Students learn how to engage in legal analysis and what to expect on actual law school exams—and the bar examination after graduation.
The Academic Excellence Program helps students thrive in their law school classes

Start Your First Semester Strong

In the first semester, you'll receive important training on how to succeed in law school, including fundamental learning methods for legal education and skills in legal analysis. In the second semester, individualized coaching sessions help you maximize your academic performance.

The third-semester course is taught in tandem with New England Law’s required Evidence course, which is heavily tested on the bar examination. The added Academic Excellence Program training has proven effective in boosting overall knowledge of evidence and improving exam performance.

Pregraduation Course Ensures Strong Bar Exam Performance

The final-semester course, Advanced Legal Analysis, is taught by Professor Robert A. Coulthard, a nationally recognized expert on teaching students how to succeed on the bar examination. Over the last five years, more than eight out of 10 of our graduates have passed the Massachusetts bar.

Learn more about our bar exam prep.

Academic Excellence Collection

All students learn differently. That's why our students are encouraged to take advantage of our library’s special collection of study aids that support various learning styles.