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Beth Pirro Cook*

Instructor of Legal Writing


JD New England Law | Boston, BA University of Massachusetts Amherst

Professional Background

Beth P. Cook has served as an Assistant Clerk-Magistrate for the District Court of the Trial Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since 2005. As an Assistant Clerk, Cook oversees the running of courtroom sessions and how court filings and written records of court hearings are maintained. As a Magistrate, she issues search warrants, reviews criminal complaints for probable cause and conducts hearings for civil citation appeals (motor vehicle and municipal ordinance), criminal probable cause hearings, as well as conduct small claims trials and civil case management conferences.

Prior to working in the court system, Cook was a litigation Associate Attorney at a small law firm. That experience, learning how to manage lawsuits in litigation, has formed the basis of how she administers cases in the court system today. She believes that cases are most effectively processed when a court balances its own technological and personnel elements with a practicing attorney's busy workload.