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Keplin K. U. Allwaters*
Contact Information

Keplin K. U. Allwaters*

Lecturer on Law


JD New England Law | Boston, BA Boston University

Professional Background

Keplin K. U. Allwaters is the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers and it’s wholly owned subsidiaries Commonwealth Purchasing Group, LLC and Capital Link, Inc.  He advises on all legal and regulatory compliance issues concerning the corporation and its subsidiaries, including employment, contractual, statutory and regulatory interpretation, risk management, and corporate governance issues, among others.

Prior to joining the Mass League, Keplin was Assistant City Solicitor for 8 years at the City of Cambridge where he handled a wide range of legal matters, including, public health legal issues, employment discrimination, workers compensation and industrial accidents,  insurance and indemnification, real estate transactions, and procurement and contracts, among others.  Keplin represented the City at all levels of litigation, including jury and bench trials, and appeals.  Keplin began his legal career at the Massachusetts Port Authority where he was Assistant Legal Counsel for two years, focusing on various aviation and maritime litigation matters, including landlord/tenant disputes, property owner liability, insurance and indemnification, breach of contract, employment discrimination, and discovery management, among others.