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London Lundstrum

BA, University of Arkansas


Fayetteville, Arkansas


Matthews Campbell Rhoads McClure and Thompson

London Lundstrum

Class of 2019


London Lundstrum is an associate with Matthews Campbell Rhoads McClure and Thompson in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

One of the best experiences I’ve had at law school.

Definitely having the opportunity to study law abroad in London this summer! The international law programs were also major reasons I chose New England Law | Boston as my law school.

On my Classmates

I love my classmates! They all work so hard and achieve great things. Although we are from many different backgrounds, everyone bonds through the law school experience, and here at New England students are encouraged to help and get to know each other. 

On the Faculty

I only have wonderful things to say about the faculty here. They are all so knowledgeable. The professors are very passionate and make every class interesting while ensuring that the material is manageable. 

On Clinical Studies

The clinic options available to students tailor to virtually every interest possible. 

On Career Services

The Career Services Office has the best people working there! They help you from the littlest thing as looking over your resume to holding an entire mock interview. 

On Education

Although I am only half-way through law school, I am already impressed with my education at New England thus far. 

One Piece of Advice for Someone Trying to Decide Where to Go to Law School

Enjoy it! Although law school can certainly be stressful, you will become part of a tight-knit community where there will always be someone to study with or just have fun with.