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Tuition (2023–2024)

Full-Time JD Program:

  • 12–15 credits: $28,524 per semester (annually: $57,048)
  • Cost per additional credit: $2,377

Part-Time JD Programs (Evening or Day):

  • 9–12 credits: $21,392 per semester (annually: $42,784)
  • Cost per additional credit: $2,377

Flexible JD Program:

  • 13–15 credits: $28,524 per semester (annually: $57,048)
  • 8–12 credits: $21,392 per semester (annually: $42,784)
  • 7 credits or fewer: $2,377 per credit

LLM in American Law:

  • $57,048 USD (24 credits)

Summer 2023 courses:

  • $2,385 per credit (non-returning students)
  • $1,789 per credit (returning students)

Learn more about our academic programs.

Fees (2023–2024)

  • Student Bar Association Fee (assessed annually): $80
  • Annual Student Health Insurance Fee $5,981*
  • Integrated Bar Readiness Fee (assessed each semester of final year): $215**
  • Graduation Fee (assessed final semester): $150***
  • Technology Fee (assessed each semester): $85

*All students carrying at least 75 percent of the course load for full-time students are required to be covered by health insurance, in accordance with Massachusetts state law. Students who show proof of coverage through a qualifying plan will have the Student Health Insurance Fee waived.

**The Integrated Bar Readiness Fee partially offsets bar readiness materials integrated in the required curriculum and delivered during the student's final year at the law school.

***The Graduation Fee partially offsets Commencement costs, including cap and gown rental, production of diplomas and certificates, and the ceremony. This one-time, non-refundable fee is assessed during the final semester. It is required of all graduating students (including those who are not participating in Commencement exercises), as it includes production and distribution of diplomas and certificates, and other administrative costs.

Additional Information

New England Law | Boston tuition and fees are payable in full by August for the fall semester and by December for the spring semester.

A student who chooses to withdraw from law school but wishes to retain the option of readmission must submit a written request to the dean for withdrawal without prejudice. Learn more about withdrawal and refunds (see “Refund/Withdrawal”).

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  • 154 Stuart Street
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