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Whether you’re in law school, in the middle of the admissions process, or just feeling out your options, get ready to tackle 2020 with our most popular and widely shared advice from last year. 

We don’t mean to brag, but these articles are packed with useful tips on law school campus visits, getting sought-after judicial internships, becoming a criminal lawyer, and networking in law school and beyond. You’ll also find inspiring stories about finding a legal role model, thriving as a part-time law student, and more. 

We hope you find this law school advice useful in 2020, and Happy New Year, from all of us at New England Law | Boston! 

Top 10 Articles of 2019

  1. How to Get Your First Job at a Law Firm (with No Experience!): For many law students, their first "real" legal job is at a law firm. But how did they get these positions with no legal experience?! There’s no magic answer, but there are things you can do that may help get your foot in the door… 
  2. What Are Judicial Internships Really Like? Imagine being a law student and having an esteemed judge ask for your opinion on a real-world case. It sounds like a dream, but it’s often the reality for judicial interns.Get an insider look at judicial internships from law students who have been there, plus their tips for succeeding in these roles. 
  3. My Path to Becoming a Public Defender in Law School and BeyondHow do you become a public defender? You set your mind to it, you go to law school, and you work really hard, just like recent New England Law | Boston graduate Jordan Strand ’19. Here she shares her personal experience and lessons learned. 
  4. The True Legal Horror Story of the Salem Witch TrialsTo understand and commemorate this dark period in our country’s legal history, we took a look back at the court proceedings and laws during the Salem Witch Trials and their impact on the American legal system. 
  5. How I Got a Clerkship After Law ParadiseRaquel Muscioni ’18 was determined to get a judicial clerkship after graduating from New England Law | Boston—and for good reason. These positions can be an invaluable jumping-off point for any legal career. This is the story of her unexpected journey and tips for how to get a clerkship.
  6. How to Network in Law School: The Essential GuideThere's a reason why law schools host lots of networking events: so students can grow their networking skills and comfort level—and actually get jobs and internships. But it takes skill and savvy to do networking right. 
  7. My Law School Story: Galya Martin, Immigration Law Role ModelSometimes, a professor can change the course of your law school career, even your life. Such was the case for Galya Martin ’19, who found a treasured role model for her immigration law career in Professor Dina Haynes. 
  8. Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Criminal LawyerCriminal law is tough—but if you’re willing to rise to the challenge, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more exciting, diverse, or thought-provoking legal career. From what criminal law entails to what you’ll study in law school to the skills you’ll need to practice in the real world, here you’ll find expert insights into what it takes to succeed in this rewarding legal specialty. 
  9. What Are Law School Summer Fellowships Really Like? Summer fellowships are invaluable opportunities to get hands-on experience in law school. But what are they really like? Here, law students share their summer fellowship experiences: where they worked, what they did, and all they learned about real-world legal practice. 
  10. Life-Saving Advice for Part-Time Law StudentsIt’s hard to grasp what part-time law school is like unless you’ve lived it. If you’re considering a part-time JD program, be sure to read this hard-won advice and top tips for evening law students. 
  11. BONUS! How to Have an Amazing Law School Visit: Tips and Questions You Need to Ask (Adding this piece because it almost broke the top 10—even though it's brand new!): In your search for the perfect law school, campus visits are critical. They give you the best sense of the community, facilities, and overall “vibe” of the school, as well as a real preview of what your life and opportunities there will be like. Follow this advice to ensure you’re learning everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

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