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Under the Higher Education Opportunity Act, institutions participating in federally funded financial aid programs are required to make certain information available to current and prospective students. Following is a list of this information. If you are not able to find the information you are looking for, please contact the director of student services at or 617-422-7401.

Academic Program

Accreditation Information 

Aid Information

Clery Act Disclosures

Also see "Title IX and Sexual Misconduct" below.

Copyright Policies

Violation of copyright laws may subject a student to discipline under Student Rule E.1. and may also lead to litigation and/or criminal prosecution under federal law:

Disability Information

Contact the director of student services at or 617-422-7401


  • Male: 33% (2017–2018 academic year)  
  • Female: 67% (2017–2018 academic year)  
  • Minority: 27% (2017–2018 academic year)  

Employment Information

Financial Aid Code of Conduct

Financial Aid Contact Information

Loan Availability

Price of Attendance


A student who chooses to withdraw from law school but wishes to retain the option of readmission must submit a written request to the dean for withdrawal without prejudice. To determine whether a withdrawing student owes a balance to the law school or is due a refund, tuition cancellation is computed based on the chart below.

Effective Withdrawal Date

Percent Tuition Canceled

Within 1st week of semester*


Within 2nd week of semester


Within 3rd week of semester


Within 4th week of semester


After 4th week of semester


* For this purpose, the first week of the semester for entering students is the week of orientation.

Refund calculations for students who are receiving Title IV federal aid (Federal Stafford or Perkins Loans) are determined in accordance with federal regulations. These students must contact the Office of the Controller to determine the amount of their refund. 

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct

New England Law | Boston is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy educational and work environment that is free from all forms of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault and sexual harassment, and in which no member of the School community is, on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, or gender (hereinafter understood to include both identity and expression) excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or subjected to discrimination in any School program or activity. Gender-based and sexual harassment, including sexual violence, are forms of sex discrimination in that they deny or limit an individual’s ability to participate in or benefit from School programs or activities. The school’s non-discrimination statement, Title IX Coordinator, and complaint procedure can be found in the full Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Transfer Credits


Incoming students must provide certification of certain immunizations by August 1 before beginning classes. International students (full time or part time) attending an institution of higher education in Massachusetts while on a student (F-1) or other visa (including a student attending or visiting classes or programs as part of a formal academic visitation or exchange program) must also submit the immunization form.

The following immunizations are required:

  • One Td booster (tetanus and diphtheria) within the last 10 years
  • Two doses of MMR vaccine (or two doses of a measles-containing vaccine and one dose each of mumps and rubella vaccines)
  • Three doses of hepatitis B vaccine

For further information and exceptions, please contact the Office of Admissions at or 617-422-7210.