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Clinical law courses allow students to put classroom learning into practice, providing legal advice in a real-world setting. They offer excellent opportunities to perform public service and public-interest legal work. 
Law students participate in legal clinics and externships at New England Law
“Working with clients through the Lawyering Process Clinic has taught me more about practicing law than any class could. The clinics at New England Law really do prepare you for life after law school.” Parker Reynolds, Graduate

New England Law is one of the few schools where you can take up to four legal clinics before graduation—starting as early as the first semester of your second year. And it’s one of the country’s few “guaranteed clinic/externship” law schools, meaning that interested students are guaranteed at least one clinical/externship experience during their law school career. 

Students who take legal clinics early in law school often find it helps them better understand upper-level courses. Clinics also can help you prepare for the bar examination while boosting your résumé and networking efforts.

In-House Law Clinics

Legal Externships

Placement Clinics and Externships for Law Students

Component Clinics and Externships for Law Students

Other Practice-Based Programs

What Are Law School Clinics Like?

Preview Your Clinical Program Experience

How do clinics compare to law school classes and what do students do? Why is clinical work so important in law school? And how might a clinical experience change your career trajectory? Law students explain and share their personal experiences.