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2/3 Credits (Clinic)

Students in this clinical component course spend 10 (2-credit) or 15 (3-credit) hours a week in the same or a similar setting in which they have successfully completed work in a prior clinic. Although students seeking further clinical experiences generally are better served by expanding their resumes and taking a different clinic in a different setting, for a few students where continuing in the same or equivalent setting will be more beneficial educationally, the Advanced Clinic provides the mechanism for continuing in a placement and receiving credit. Students will submit weekly journals, describing and reflecting on their experiences in the field, and will meet in a series of seminars with the course instructor and/or the Clinical Director to explore the relationship between the principles covered in the substantive class and the students' fieldwork. Students will need approval both from the Clinical Director and the course instructor for the relevant subject area clinic, and will further need to develop with their course instructor a plan for the student's participation in seminars to reflect the advanced nature of the learning. Please note that students approved for the Advanced Clinic, which would be their second semester in the same placement, may not be approved through any additional semesters in the same placement through any vehicle, including the Practice Credit. This course satisfies the Experiential Education/Professional Skills Requirement.