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1 Credits (Externship)

The Practice Credit provides an opportunity for students to gain practical legal experience in a setting outside the law school. Each student works in an appropriate placement that has been approved by a faculty member who teaches a related subject. Students spend an average of five hours per week, totaling a minimum of sixty-five hours per semester, assisting attorneys in handling matters involving various areas of the law that are the subject of their Practice Credit. Because of the differing types of work in these placements, the number of fieldwork hours may vary somewhat from week to week, as determined by the student, the faculty member, and the field supervisor. Students will submit weekly journals, describing and reflecting on their experiences in the field, and will meet periodically with their faculty advisor to explore the relationship between the principles covered in the substantive class and the students' fieldwork. In order to register for this credit, students must receive approval from their faculty advisor and designated oversight body, which will be either faculty from one of the three academic centers or a designated subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee. Please note that students may not take more than two Practice Credits courses overall, whether the Business Practice credit, this more general Practice Credit, or a combination of the two. Students may not take more than one Practice Credit per semester and may not take the Practice Credit in the same semester as they are taking a clinical course, the Honors Judicial Clerkship, or a Business Practice Credit. Prerequisites/corequisites are at the discretion of the faculty advisor and based on subject matter of fieldwork.