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4 Credits (Clinic)

This clinical course gives students an opportunity to participate in and to analyze the work of a lawyer in a government setting.


Participants spend 12 hours per week working in the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office under the supervision of assistant attorneys general or another government agency. Students must attend a weekly 2-hour class that explores the skills required in representing the government as well as such policy issues as defining the "public interest" and the conflicts between representing the public and defending the government.

Law students may assist with various aspects of litigation, such as research, investigation, pleadings, discovery, motions, trials, and appeals. Prerequisites/corequisites include Evidence or Trial Practice. This course also satisfies New England Law’s Experiential Education Requirement.

NOTE: Eligibility for this course is dependent on successful completion of a background check. Contact Professor Eric B. Carriker if you have questions.

“I really had just a great experience. I enjoyed all of the people in my department and the availability of projects. Specifically, the [open-communication] environment made this a job I was genuinely excited about going in to do every day. I fully recommend this opportunity to every student!” —From an anonymous evaluation of the clinic by a student placed in The White Collar and Public Integrity Bureau of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office