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2 or 3 Credits (Clinic)

Students in this clinical component spend 10 (2-credit) or 15 (3-credit) hours each week in the field, assisting attorneys and others who are specialists in land use law.


Land use clinic placements are primarily suburban Boston city and town counsel offices, zoning boards, or private firms. Law students submit weekly journals, describing and reflecting on their experiences in the field, and meet in a series of seminars with the course instructor and/or the Clinical Director to explore the relationship between the principles covered in the substantive class and their fieldwork. This course also satisfies New England Law’s Experiential Education Requirement.

“I had a really great experience. Everyone was very nice and accommodating at the Land Court, especially Judge Cutler. I’m very happy to have had this opportunity. Thank you, New England Law!” —From an anonymous student evaluation of the clinic