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3 Credits (Clinic)

This course places law students at the Appellate Tax Board of the Massachusetts Revenue Department, where they handle tax cases and issues for 10 hours per week.


Law students assist administrative law judges in deciding disputed tax cases by preparing bench memos and also assist the board's legal counsel in drafting decisions. In addition, students meet in a weekly class that explores issues raised by their cases, including the administration and enforcement of state and federal tax laws.

Law students gain very practical knowledge in areas of federal and state tax law, which is of particular importance to every practicing attorney. This course also satisfies New England Law’s Experiential Education Requirement.

“I loved the tax clinic! It confirmed all my thoughts of wanting to do tax law when I become an attorney… I highly recommend the tax clinic to any student that thinks they have an interest in tax law or to any student that wants to have a clinic where they feel like they are needed and beneficial to the process. We were even offered multiple opportunities to attend hearings. I am very grateful for this opportunity.” —From an anonymous student evaluation of the clinic