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Our innovative Summer Fellowship Program for first-year (1L) students helps jumpstart your legal career. Summer Fellows work for eight to ten weeks at law firms and legal organizations all over the country and world, gaining practical skills, real-world experience, professional connections, and a $3,500 stipend.


Where You'll Work

With our Summer Fellowship Program, students can work anywhere in the world in positions that fit their goals, strengths, and passions.

Past participants have worked in the attorney general and public defender offices in Massachusetts, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Rhode Island, and Washington State. Others have held national and international positions with private law firms, NGOs, and corporations from Texas to Portugal.

In light of the ongoing global pandemic, a number of organizations have begun to offer positions with increased flexibility, including remote work. 

What You'll Do

Fellowship responsibilities vary but may include things like drafting legal documents, managing case files, conducting research, and attending client meetings and court proceedings. Placements also include one or two performance reviews from a supervisor, which provide invaluable opportunities for professional growth.

Students usually start working by mid-May. Stipends are then paid in two or three installments throughout the summer, depending on when the fellowship begins. The law school will provide funding for what would otherwise be unpaid law internships. 

What Are Law School Summer Fellowships Really Like?

Phaleya Burnside '18

I saw how an attorney counsels and represents athletes—and I got to contribute my ideas. It opened my eyes to abilities I didn’t know I had.” —Phaleya Burnside ’18, Fellowship in Sports and Entertainment Law

Program Eligibility

Students find and apply for 1L summer internships or other positions that interest them. Full-time students who have finished their first (1L) year and part-time students who have finished their first or second year are eligible for the Summer Fellowship Program. The Career Services Office also ensures positions meet all program requirements. Part-time fellowships may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Find a Fellowship Position

Get a jump on the summer by securing the summer fellowship of your dreams now! Students looking for a summer fellowship will work with one of our three academic centers or the Career Services Office to find their fellowship placement. Arrangements of summer fellowships are often flexible, meaning students and organizations will work together to determine how both parties can get the most out of the experience.


Post a Fellowship Position 

Employers, is your organization looking to bring on a dedicated and ambitious summer fellow? Contact the Career Services Office to be matched with the perfect law student for the job.